7ft Pulse Epoxy Mini Mal Surfboard


7ft Pulse Epoxy Mini Mal Surfboard by Australian Board Company

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7ft Pulse Epoxy Mini Mal Surfboard

What Valley Watersports love about this Board:

  • The perfect beginner surf board that is suitable for both kids and adults alike to learn the basics of surfing.
  • This board is 7′ in length and its large volume makes catching those waves easier for all learner surfers.
  • It is lightweight and has increased volume allows for superior and easier wave catching
  • An affordable learner board to fall in love with life on the water and that can be shared by all the family for a very small investment.


A note from the designer:

  • Board Dimensions: 7′ x 21 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
  • Volume (L): 51.14
  • Shaper: Jeff Townsley c/o Australian Board Company
  • Board Type: Mini Mal
  • Fin set-up: Thruster (3-Fin)
  • Tail Shape: Round Tail
  • Bottom Contour: Double Concave through tail with V
  • Rider Weight: 50-100Kg
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Beginner Progressive
  • Wave Height: 2ft-6ft
  • Fins included with board? – Yes


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